Town Hall Taxis: Part of the Growing Belfast Taxis Community

Town Hall Taxis, one of the fastest growing privately-owned cab firms in Ballyclare, has been safely conveying people to and from their preferred destinations with happiness and pride.

The company has played a major role in the Belfast Taxis business and has been part of the progress and growth of this bustling town that has played host to various cultural, social and commercial events during the past few years.

Key Player in Belfast Taxis Industry

Established in 2004, Town Hall Taxis has provided top-of-the-line Belfast Taxis service to both locals and tourists visiting this peaceful municipality. Its fleet of well-maintained cabs has clocked countless mileage on the road, proof of its enduring service.

Owned and operated by Yiangos Kappai, Town Hall Taxis are a very familiar name among Belfast Taxis cruising the road on any given day. These cabs are as ubiquitous as the elegant landmarks and beautiful smiles of the people of Ballyclare.

Belfast Taxis: Service Standards

Town Hall Taxis is the company that you can count on when it comes to road safety and reliability. One of the most dependable Belfast Taxis firms, Town Hall Taxis ensures that passengers always arrive at their destination safe and sound.

Manned by excellently-trained personnel with vast knowledge about Belfast Taxis, road networks and traffic rules, drivers of Town Hall Taxis guarantee you a smooth and hassle-free ride. Its cabbies hate traffic and being late as much as you do.

Town Hall Taxis takes great effort in keeping its cabs spic and span 24/7: Drivers routinely vacuum and keep the interiors smelling fresh all day. The company treats each of its cab like an extension of its home. Therefore, it must be presentable – including the drivers!

Courtesy and Friendliness: The Belfast Taxis Tradition

Belfast Taxis are known for their courteous and friendly cabbies. A cab is like a bar where you get to know other people and their stories. It’s where you also learn where they are headed in life (no pun intended) during that brief conversation.

Cabbies of Town Hall Taxis, like most Belfast Taxis drivers, are sensitive to people’s moods and behaviors. Talk about why cows are as many as the folks living in Northern Ireland and you have someone to tell you why. Not in the mood for any chit-chat? No problem. Belfast Taxis cabbies know when to shut up and respect your privacy.

Call Town Hall Taxis today at +44 (0) 2893 342555, or send an email to for more inquiries.